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Kormo-Trans-LOGISTIC LLC has been operating on the freight market for more than 15 years. In that time frame we have gained valuable experience, which helps us to deliver your cargoes safely, accurately and right on time. Just a few facts about the company is the best way to describe it:

Our location: Ukraine, Zaporozhye, Mira Str., 10.

Number of employees: more than 100 people.

Transportation geography: the territory of Ukraine, European Union, the CIS countries, Asia.

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The vehicle fleet consists of 78 units, 97% of which are Scania cars.

The entire vehicle fleet is equipped with a satellite navigation system GPS tracking.

Maintenance: we have our own service stations, which specialize on the repair of Scania vehicles, and in terms of the quality of repairs performed; they are in no way inferior to authorized service centers in Ukraine. Therefore, our cars are always technically sound and ready to go.

Types of machinery:   silo trucksfeed trailers, flour trucks, bulk sugar truck, food barrels, cement carriers, screw barrels, grain carriers, tip trucks, hitch group of grain trucks, tents, refrigerators, poultry carriers, moving floor trailers, chip trucks and specialty vehicles.

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Cargo Carried:

  • dry friable food cargo (crumbled compound animal feedstuff, pelleted compound animal feedstuff, flour, sugar, corn, grain, wheat, cereals, sorghum, flax, seeds, cattle cake, ground oil-cake, presscake, legumes and grain crops)
  • dry friable non-food cargoes (cement, lime, chalk, slag, inert dust, furnace dust, crushed stone, slag, ash, graphite, wood chips, fuel pellets);
  • requiring a special temperature regime (fresh, chilled and frozen meat, eggs, vegetables, ice cream, butter, cheese, fish, meat and sausage products);
  • packed, palletized cargoes.
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We offer our clients the opportunity to order an additional insurance service for transported cargoes by CMR or TTN (a waybill) in our company.

If you are interested in the possibility of transporting goods by our transport, you can always contact us at the numbers specified in the section Contacts.

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